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Leftism is a disease, in many ways comparable to religion, and it's positively irrelevant debating which is worse.  That would be the same as discussing whether Ebola is worse than the Spanish flu. They're different but will both destroy you.

Matt, 3/2 years away from entering the 40's, I can tell you there's little to worry about it, believe you me, especially if you were a woman (which you're not), and I'm not just talking carnal and sexually.
The problems begin when we're 50, generally speaking, the time we start deteriorating beyond repair, mentally and physically. Whatever it is you've been, you'll become a shadow of it the more you go beyond the 50' mark.

Potatoes, french fries and the French people (in general): It's just wrong being one.

Well done, although it won't repair the damage caused by the actions of these predators. Too bad we can't revoke Bill Clinton's presidency too. Clinton wasn't as bad as Cosby but comparable to Polanski. That is to say 69% predator, 24% abuser and 7% rapist. 7% seeing the right circumstances.
Cosby is a rapist. There's no doubt about that.

Consider the syllogism: If 50% of Europeans understand, speak and use English reasonably, Finland isn't European.

Although Jesusism and Christianism aren't objectively as bad as Mohammetism, in every religious creature, Christian and Muslim alike, there's an intellectual and morally handicapped person in need of either therapy or medicine. Regrettably, said medicine is yet to be developed, and therapy is a form of art mostly performed by the ignorant.

Her legs are much sexier than the pile she's standing next to ...

This isn't true socialism. (Not enough graves and mass murder going about.)

"Ego", "relative poverty", "the basic wages of those who grew the cocoa", and even "the victims of war in Syria" ... comments relating to a chocolate dish. Grow up, idiots.

Yes, if I were a muppet I'd say: Science is important but let's not overestimate it. Peoples' feelings first and foremost. Of course, with a good chakra alignment and decent doses of yin and yang, especially if we do yoga and go on wild journeys to "become one with the tree". Also, be water.

Describing gender as a social construct / role isn't subversive to Croatia's Catholicism. Rather an affront to common sense and to science. Gender is a biological construct, not a social nor religious playground. This of course isn't something leftists grasp but that's why they're stupid, dangerous and destructive. As such, well done to the Croatians protesting this treaty (even if they're doing it for less than rightful reasons).

Sex and gender are the same thing, differing from sexuality / sexual orientation. There are two and only two genders: male and female, both biologically wired. With that said, we can of course have 2 males or 2 females in a relationship, seeing their sexual orientations. That sexual orientation doesn't however change the fact they're either male or female.
While we're at it, any one's sexual orientation is also biologically wired. It isn't a trait people choose.

It is normal, in many Swedish preschools, for teachers to avoid referring to their students’ gender — instead of “boys and girls,” they say “friends,” or call children by name. Play is organized to prevent children from sorting themselves by gender. A gender-neutral pronoun, “hen,” was introduced in 2012 and was swiftly absorbed into mainstream Swedish culture, something that, linguists say, has never happened in another country.

The progressive destruction of public education, using children to build up political agendas. If you can't see how wrong this is, seek treatment for your own good.
How perverse interfering with the natural development of children and using them to boost their agendas.

Gender, typically described in terms of masculinity and femininity, is a social construction that varies across different cultures and over time. (6) There are a number of cultures, for example, in which greater gender diversity exists and sex and gender are not always neatly divided along binary lines such as male and female or homosexual and heterosexual. The Berdache in North America, the fa’afafine (Samoan for “the way of a woman”) in the Pacific, and the kathoey in Thailand are all examples of different gender categories that differ from the traditional Western division of people into males and females. Further, among certain North American native communities, gender is seen more in terms of a continuum than categories, with special acknowledgement of “two-spirited” people who encompass both masculine and feminine qualities and characteristics. It is apparent, then, that different cultures have taken different approaches to creating gender distinctions, with more or less recognition of fluidity and complexity of gender.

Yigal Dozier, that definition follows up the gender theory principles refined within feminist and LGBT studies, part of contemporary "social (so-called) sciences" and interdisciplinary studies. When disciplines are divided between hard (natural) sciences and soft (social) sciences you know the latter comprising gender theory from which that definition rose has no foundation in empirical science. It is in other words gibberish, thus conflating gender with roles or with social attributes and with how females and males are generally perceived in any given culture or society, and the roles (right or wrongly) attributed to them according to their gender (a problematic which has obvious relation with churchery). Also conflating it with sexual orientation. It's a mess mixing terms with the purpose of reinventing definitions which with regards to their meanings aren't to be mixed, let alone taught disguised as sciences.
The World Health Organization not that long ago (in the 90's) incorporated (for example) homosexuality on their list of mental disorders. But just because it was there it didn't mean that it carried any truth. Actually the WHO still includes (today) the diagnosis of ego-dystonic homosexuality, a type of mental disorder, also referred to as sexual orientation disturbance (SOD). You don't need me to tell you how nonsense that is as defining it as a mental disorder implies that it can be messed about / treated, when sexual orientation isn't a matter of preference and heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals alike cannot change and do not choose their sexual orientation, nor can said sexual orientation be changed for them. Why? Because it's biologically wired. It is innate. It's the same for gender. Why do transgenders need to undergo hormone treatments and facial or other types of surgery? Why would that be necessary if gender were a fluid spectrum or "continuum" (as that definition calls it) that people could simply navigate across? Their biological circuits are in the way and those circuits have determined for them even before they were born what their gender is. All else is fantasy.

Refreshingly, pockets of sanity remain:

Let me know if you can't open the article and I'll print-screen and send it to you.

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The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, and the theory of the extinction of historical advanced human civilisations.

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'HelpIamClaustrophobic', it's commendable that you voice your opinion. However, it's about time people understood (and accepted) that WG's goal isn't balance. Their goal is introducing broken and/or OP premium tanks that enough people will pay for, and to introduce bad and UP free-to-play tanks that enough people will pay to skip in the X to Y tech trees. Simultaneously, changes to tanks normally entail armour buffs that keep premium ammo flowing. And there's hardly anything relevant anymore. What you have now doesn't need fixing. It's what they aim for.

CorSed, the people that matter don't follow this forum, and aren't interested in what the EU player-base has to say. Likewise, EU representatives are irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things, not to mention about 75% of them are close to clueless. All it takes is a read of their occasional interventions in the forum ...

Arthur, all it takes is 1 or 2 broken tanks to render 11 or 12 uncompetitive, if not unplayable. Defender and LT-432 are good examples. IS-3A is completely overpowered, but it isn't broken. Still, in your list, half of what you consider balanced is either underpowered (AMX 105, Kanonenjagdpanzer) or overpowered. Balanced and competitive would be / is something like the AMX M449. Very good = Lorraine, Progetto, Centurion AX. Overpowered = WZ-120 or IS-3A. Broken = LT-432, Defender. On these lines ... Somua, another example of a very good and competitive tank, but not OP nor broken. Bottomline is, they know exactly what is and what isn't acceptable, and their introduction of tanks such as the LT, Defender, IS-3A, or the sale of E25 isn't innocent. What we have now is indeed what they want.

Yes, and it's fine having different perspectives on certain tanks, while I don't disagree with much of what you're saying, but even if I did that wouldn't be a problem as long as people comment in good spirit (as you do). I consider broken everything relating to armour-profile, connecting (in comparison) to every other tank, while overpowered is a sum of 3 or 4 characteristics that may or not include an armour-profile. Take the Rheinmetall Skorpion G: It has a superb gun, very good mobility, more importantly than mobility it has a turret, and it also has very decent camo. More than balanced it's undoubtedly better than anything the tech tree has to offer. But is it broken? Not really. Players who make mistakes are immediately punished, and that's how it ought to be. The WZ, on the other hand, has a broken armour-profile making it immune to many tier VII and even tier VIII guns, frontally. It isn't a better tank than the Skorpion but it's a broken entry to the game. This distinction matters ... While completely overpowered (as example), I wouldn't describe the IS-3A as broken, seeing any tier VIII with 220 or plus pen can in many circumstances outplay it, or at least fight back. Overpowered, surely, because of the gun, but not broken (armour). The Defender on the other hand (as you say) is completely broken. Type 5 (another example) is beyond broken, when this one is a complete freak seeing the HE gun it carries, on top of its armour-profile. But they know all of this. There's even a Q&A video where one developer says 'players don't like a balanced game', or something on those lines (the bob was thinking of the Russian server, probably, the only one they try to please) ...

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